AnsiUnicode 1.0 for Windows
Release 04-08-2013
The program AnsiUnicode is designed for conversion of text files from ANSI (code page) format to Unicode or UTF-8 universal formats and back.

This is necessary, for example, for preparing of resource files for a program on different languages if for each language a ANSI resource file is used. For example, you need to translate a program resource from English to Turkish. Actually it is a text file. Let it the extension .TXT and load in AnsiUnicode as a file ANSI with setting code page "1252 Latin 1". Then convert it to Unicode file and open in Windows Notepad (notepad.exe). It is possible to do that just with AnsiUnicode by setting the check-box "Open in Notepad after conversion". Then edit resource text with changing English text to Turkish. When translation is done open the corrected file in AnsiUnicode. Now it is detected as a Unicode file. Then convert it to the file ANSI with code page "1254 Turkish". After that rename resulting file to the name of the resource file.

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